April 8, 2022

Sunday Worship – April 3, 2022

Rev. Keith Turner at Community of Hope Church in Muncie, Indiana.

Sunday, April 3, 2022.

Highlight: You Make a Difference

We’re all a part of God’s family. Jesus talks about these things like mustard seeds, they’re tiny, they’re just tiny little seeds or a little piece of yeast that you throw into bread dough and it makes the whole thing rise right. We also hear things like tree branches that are grafted into the big tree to make one and we just heard about a man named Abraham who was one and through him and his wife they were many.  Just these little things that are used to make a big difference and you make a big difference in our church and in the world. I’m grateful for you today!  As you go to make that difference, remember you’re a blessing and your job is to be a blessing and I know you will do that job perfectly. Let’s pray together.

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