Lighthouse Congregation: A Place for You

Lighthouse Congregation: A Place for You

If you have always had a wonderful and faithful experience in the Church, praise God! For some, especially in the past few years of United Methodism, “church” is a difficult word. In late 2023, some members of Community of Hope were trained in becoming a Lighthouse Congregation. Lighthouse Congregations are places that are intentionally hospitable to any guests, especially those who have experienced church hurt. By the action of the Governing Board, Community of Hope is now a Lighthouse Congregation, with a statement of our identity, intent, and commitment to hospitality and welcome. Our first Coffee Conversation will be about Lighthouse Congregations – join us after church on Jan. 21 to hear more!

          Coffee Conversations:

          January 21 – Lighthouse Congregations

          January 28 – Welcoming and Hospitality

          February 4 – Small Group Leader Training

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