RMN Update: After the Vote

RMN Update: After the Vote

Congratulations Community of Hope, you have voted to affirm the RMN foundational statement and to affiliate with the Reconciling Ministries Network!

Our New Reconciling Congregation Form is being completed and will be sent to the Reconciling MInistries Network in the next few weeks.  There are a few things that you might consider doing to help us complete this process:

1. On September 3 and September 10 we will be collecting a donation to the Reconciling Ministries Network.  This will be part of our annual celebration of becoming a Reconciling Church.  Please consider giving.

2. On September 10 we will also be taking a congregational photo to submit to the Reconciling MInistries Network that will be shared on their social media.  The photo will be taken following the service on 9/10. Please consider participating. 

3. If you would like to know more about the Reconciling Ministries Network and the work that they are doing please consider becoming an Individual Reconciling United Methodist. Visit this link for more information and to complete the simple form: https://rmnetwork.org/rum/

Thank you all for your work as we have gone through this process.


RM Core Team- Jessica Hamlyn, Loretta Parsons, Crystal Lorch, Beckie Adams, Jerry and Colleen Dixon, Rebecca Dorn, Betsy Fitzgerald, Pat Bennett and Donna Hicks

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